Industry Standard SEO Services

Organic SEO

Our SEO experts work closely with you to ensure all page titles, page descriptions, product page titles, category page titles are correctly added. FaceBooks Open Graph is one of our favorite technologies and this is included in every SEO service.

H Tagging Structure

Our developers work closely with our SEO experts to ensure tagging structure follows industry best practices. We work h1’s, h2’s and h3’s to build an tagging structure that is most effectively accepted by google on every page.

Paid SEO

We offer paid SEO that ensure your site is submitted to all search engines on a monthly basis. This allows you to monitor your SEO activity and make updates as needed to be more effective. Our submission includes Google, Yahoo, Bing and all other search engines available.

our capabilities

below are some services we can do for you

IT and Project Management
Manage secure code servers, build to Staging, code replications to Production, implementation release calendar, support development cycle, secure bitbucket repositories, Jira prokect spaces, Confluence documentation and oversee management of web development.
Back-end Development
Backend development and Solution architectural services that involve general SFCC architecture, data handling and modeling, application design, system integration, optimization, advanced bug fixes and multi-channel integrations.
Ecommerce Strategy
Collaborate with customers on effective strategies. Areas include: ecommerce digital campaign management, email marketing strategy and reporting, marketing calendar creation and management, social media, organic/paid SEO.
Front-end Development
Partner with customers to develop custom front-end user experience aimed at revenue growth, UI enchancement, site performance improvements, customer retention, guided navigation experiences and more.
UX and Information Architecture Design
Backend development and Solution architectural services that involve general SFCC architecture, data handling and modeling, application design, system integrations, optimization, advanced bug fixes and multi-channel integrations.
Analytics and Reporting
We use relevant data and metrics to help our customer make effective marketing decisions. Analytic reporting via: Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Internal platform metrics, email vendor data, etc.


  • SEO Audit


      • SEO Audit

      • HTML Structure

      • Page Titles / Description

      • Google Page Ranking

    $199.99 USD One Time
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  • Organic SEO Upgrade


      • SEO Audit

      • HTML Code upgrade

      • H Tagging Structure

      • Page Titles / Description

      • Google Knowledge Graph

      • Google Verifications

    $999.99 USD One Time
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  • Google Tag Manager


      • GTM

      • Integration

      • Data Layer

      • Ecommerce Advanced

      • Documentation and Training

    $999.99 USD One Time
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  • SEO Monthly


      • SEO Monthly

      • Submissions

      • Key Phrases / Key Words

      • Google, Yahoo, Etc.

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some great comments


Working with Ecommerce Aces has been the most pleasant experience ever. I was introduced to them at a desperate time at Burt's Bees Baby when our previous system integrator went out of business and left us stranded. Ecommerce Aces quickly gathered their technical team together, took our most recent code version from staging, set up dev sandboxes and got us back on our feet. Ecommerce Aces abilities to lead successful projects and provide innovative solutions has been an inspiration to our entire team and has allowed our business to thrive.

Ecommerce Aces possess great combination of web development skills. Their knowledge in Salesforce Commerce Cloud (Demandware) development helped us improve our site’s performance to a great extent and also brought our L2 SEO ranking from 5th place to 2nd place. Their strong sense of responsibility and commitment allowed us to meet all launch dates pertaining to the projects they worked on. It would have been impossible to deliver the projects on time without their expert services and their dedication. Their ability to investigate, figure out problems and implement solutions is second to none. I highly recommend Ecommerce Aces as they take great pride in their work, they are detail oriented, they are team players and never lose site of the objectives.